Health & Safety


Storm Building Ltd considers Health Safety and Environmental compliance as instrumental to the continuous protection of our clients and workforce, and to it’s own continued success and growth.

We provide a full range of Construction Design Management Health and safety and Environmental waste compliant services, including Principal Contractor and CDM Co-ordinator to CDM 2007 competency levels, and full planning capability for compliance with the Site Waste management regulations 2008.

Our projects will therefore be unaffected by accident and injury and finished:
- On time – without delays and incidents
- On financial budget – without accident costs or product failure issues
- On target – within the achievement of our safety and environmental goals

We recognise that successful client projects can only be finished on time and on budget without accident or incident if we plan and implement fully managed risk and compliance systems to 18001 health and safety management standards of management systems.


Our belief in the detailed planning of heath safety and environmental issues in our construction projects means the only surprises you get when we are on the case, are nice ones.
To achieve this risk management objective, we put resources and commitment into every stage of project development at all stages, from tender to completion. Full assessment of foreseeable risk factors and control systems are considered at every stage.

On site, our quality approach to construction means our policy of structured systems are managed through documented control systems of procedures both in our administration and construction processes.

In our administration Headquarters at Hammersmith, we provide induction and training in health safety and environmental compliance to our entire construction team from apprenticed surveyors to designers, Quantity surveyors and senior management. Such quality procedures will ensure that all of your people can trust all of ours.


In addition to all of our Site management staff being selected as competent to Construction, Design and management regulation 2007 standards, we have created in-house selection and induction and training procedures.
Our targets for 2014 are to involve the latest technology to create a full training programme for site safety and environmental management. Our aim is to ensure that our apprentices are amongst the highest trained young people in the industry to give a core of competence that our clients can trust for the future.

To ensure we remain ahead of our competition, we resource external health and safety resources to ensure that our systems are independently monitored and audited by highly qualified and experienced Chartered health, safety, and environmental consultants.

As we grow, the company will inevitably seek to use specialist sub-contractors and industry expertise, and our goal is to create trust and equality within a tried and tested, team of reliable and efficient group of sub-contractors, that echo the attitudes, values and belief within Storm Building Limited.